I’m Sabine, former agency & in-house SEO manager, now SEO consultant / entrepreneur / speaker / traveller / most of all: curious person. Since it’s hard to put that one label on me, let me explain here what I’m all about.

After receiving my diploma in Marketing, Branding and Consumer Psychology from the University of Cologne I decided to enter the online marketing world. The move seemed natural, having spent way too much time in front of the computer from early age one (when you still had to pay an hourly fee for internet…). I built my first website when I was 13, and yes, archive.org has it all – if you find that website, I’ll buy you a drink (because you’ll need it).

Not long after graduating I took a job in a small SEO agency in Cologne who are not that small anymore these days. Taking care of my own clients, from the big SEO on- and offpage analysis, to ongoing text improvements, I set a strong basis in all technical and content-wise issues. Two years later it was time for a move and I transitioned into an in-house role at one of the leading companies for “smart shopping” (= coupon websites). The following years I was allowed to test my way around the fast-paced couponing world.

At the moment you can find me working on my own projects, while also consulting my first clients regarding matters of SEO and CRO. My favourite topic of the moment is automating SEO tasks with Screaming Frog as well as self-written Python-Tools 🙂

Some Thoughts About the SEO Industry

In the SEO world I have experienced two things that I’d love to see changed: First, people keep it very vague. Many articles or talks only touch the surface, with no hands-on tips on how to really do things. SEO is still handled by many as a set of magic tricks that will bring you success in the SERPs – with a reluctance to share the steps behind everything. Now, if you ever tried coding, going through your share of Github etc., you will find a very supporting community of programmers who share very detailed information about their solutions. Of course, in the end it’s two very different sectors, but still, this is something I wish we’d have in the SEO sector.
Secondly – although much of the real “wisdom” is kept in the dark – there are a lot of people who proclaim themselves experts that are done learning things. Maybe this is something personal, but especially in SEO we actually never, ever stop to learn!

All that being said, my goal with this website and beyond is to foster a culture of providing fellow colleagues with detailed solutions that they might really use in their daily work life.

Sabine Langmann


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