Conducting a Survey with Digital Marketers: My Learnings

In my last post I told you about a survey I’m conducting about the cost of marketing tools. Being a few weeks into this project, I thought it was time to share my first learnings.  Continue reading

Survey: The Cost of Marketing Tools 

Being on that road myself I’m asking fellow SEO entrepreneurs how they handle the cost of their essential marketing tools. The survey is still running – find out here how to participate.  Continue reading

Choosing The Right TLD Strategy 

One thing is clear: There are few things that have such an impact on your SEO as choosing the right (or for that matter: wrong) TLD strategy. Read about my own experience and get valuable advice here.  Continue reading

Launching Websites in New Markets: Planning Your Resources

Are you bringing your offer to new countries? Then you most probably want to be as prepared as you can be. Head here to learn about good planning and download my planning template.  Continue reading

Hofstede’s Cultural Dimensions and Your Marketing

Whenever you’re considering launching a website in a country you don’t really know yet, you need to determine if that’s a good idea after all. One method to assess the attractiveness and fit of a market for your specific product is by checking out Hofstede’s Cultural Dimensions.  Continue reading