When it comes to launching your website in new countries one of the many things you have to be very realistic about is how much workload is waiting for you and how your team is apt to get it done.

I have promised to prepare a simple planning template for you, so here it is:

Open Planning Template in New Tab

When you open the template, I’d suggest for you to just make a copy of the spreadsheet, so you can directly start working on it. The first thing you see is a Pivot table containing an overview of the workload and how much time it consumes in that specific scenario. Feel free to include here any data that helps you getting a quick overview on important numbers. The same thing goes of course for the tab “Tasks”.

It might seem obvious to you, but sometimes it’s good for us to have a little reminder that a realistic plan needs a) more time than you think, and b) more brain capacity than you think. Both, because it involves a very thorough thought process going through literally all steps necessary.

Let me know how you’re dealing with your planning!