How do you feel about the cost of marketing tools?

Moving from a company into the freelance business has many advantages – but if you’re an aspiring SEO consultant you might have come to ask yourself: How do I perform well without all the paid tools I used to have access to?! At least, this is what was going on in my head. How do I perform a proper competitor analysis, or how do I monitor my client’s performance for hundreds of keywords without a paid tool? I’m sure there are ways to do this, but most SEOs have come to rely upon (mostly more than) one paid tool.

To find out if professionals from the SEO, or Online Marketing field in general, struggle with finding a cost-worthy solution I have put together this little survey. It’s designed to objectively evaluate if SEO freelancers can afford their tools or if not, how they deal with this situation and their daily work.

If you are an SEO freelancer or working in a really small company that relies on marketing tools I’d like to encourage you to participate.

Head over to the survey here:

Thank you!

The results of this little study will be published right here as soon as I have enough data to show, so stay tuned!