I’m a full-time SEO consultant based in Cologne, Germany, specialised in tech SEO and strategy, ready to help you gain more & valuable visibility in organic search. I am currently fully booked but please get in touch nevertheless!
It was the end of 2018 when I decided to make my move from inhouse SEO to working as a SEO freelancer. Since then I have helped many brands to come up with sensible and effective SEO strategies and solutions.

Some of My Clients

SEO Services

Having more than seven years of hands-on practice in SEO (agency, in-house and freelancing)  I’m proud to offer a broad variety of SEO services. Here is an overview of what I can do for you!

SEO Analysis & Strategy

Based on comprehensive analyses I'll help you find an SEO strategy tailored to your specific industry. You'll know which parts of your project need to be prioritised to achieve the best results.

SEO Tech Auditing

I'll analyse important technical factors for your website and hand you a complete list of tasks to improve your performance. Together we'll evaluate your team's capacities and find solutions to get things done.

SEO Content Auditing

The quality of your content is a key ingredient for your SEO success. In this audit, I'll identify weak points and hand you a list of measures as well as detailed instructions to makes things better.

Keyword Analysis

As part of your market analysis I'll conduct a thorough keyword analysis. I'm fluent in German, English and Spanish and can enrich your existing keyword list with specific terms for those markets.

Offpage Auditing

With an offpage audit we'll find out how your link profile compares against your competition. I'll analyse untapped opportunities, potential threats, and craft an offpage strategy for you to achieve your goals.

CRO Consulting

How useful is your traffic if you can't get them to convert? I'll analyse your website thoroughly looking out for any conversion barriers. Of course, I'll also suggest improvements and fresh ideas for testing.

Monitoring & Reporting

Without defining and measuring your most important SEO key performance indicators you'll never know what worked and what didn't. I'll help you setting up a meaningful monitoring.

SEO Training & Workshops

If you need your team to be fully capable of conducting their own audits, if you'd like to refresh your SEO knowledge or if you'd like to specialise in certain areas (such as log file analysis), I'll be happy to train you.


"Sabine is one of my go-to SEO experts. Whatever the challenge - she always has valuable input to give."
Alexandra Porstner SEO Expert Profile Picture Testimonial
Alexandra Porstner
Senior SEO Manager, Lottoland
"With Sabine we have found a reliable and outcome-oriented SEO consultant. We feel like she is a true team member."
Andreas Profile Picture Testimonial
Andreas Janssen
CEO, Blauband GmbH
"Sabine created a SEO strategy for us and helped to identify & prioritise important tasks. Highly recommended!"
Christian Profile Picture Testimonial
Christian Groebe
CEO, Appmatics GmbH
"Not only is Sabine an expert in all facets of SEO, but she truly understands the processes involved, how to get tasks effectively prioritized and implemented, and how to communicate with internal stakeholders. These are the skills that make up a fantastic SEO consultant. She's an absolute star, a pleasure to work with, and I highly recommend working with her!"
Izzi Profile Picture Testimonial
Izzi Smith
Technical SEO Analyst, Ryte GmbH
"Sabine conducted a comprehensive technical SEO audit for our website - she really knows her stuff! We especially loved the handy list of all tasks to implement."
Corinna Weiß
SEO & Product Manager, Radbag

My Work Process

Before Things Get Started

After you get in touch with me, we’ll have a short initial call via phone, Skype, Zoom etc. to get a first idea of your project: What’s the scope, what do you need and how can I help. For an even better first insight into your project it’s important to access your Google tools after signing an NDA. By the way, it is possible to conclude that SEO might not be the right thing to invest in right now – if I draw that conclusion I’ll be very honest about this. It won’t be helpful for any of us to invest into a project that could do better with e.g. influencer marketing.

Once we agreed on potentially working together I’ll draft a proposal with a description of exact things I’ll do, the output you’ll receive and how much budget is needed – of course, this proposal is not binding in any way.  If you accept the proposal, you’ll receive a short contract that will protect both parties in case one of us can’t keep their promises.

Starting With My Work as Your SEO Consultant

Now I can begin with my work. Depending on the task you need me for, I’ll take different steps. For example, if you’ve asked me to create an SEO strategy I’ll start by gathering all data I can get in order to assemble a big picture. I might send over a catalogue of questions to further assess your situation, goals and market.
Although the concept of “the most important keyword” is outdated – search engines understand the meaning of your content very well – it still makes sense to collect a comprehensive list of keywords with their search volume to understand the importance of certain topics for the user. Paired with an assessment of the user’s intent this will give us a good idea which parts of your website we should prioritise. In the end, we won’t be talking about increasing your SEO traffic but rather about increasing relevant SEO traffic!

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