This fall’s BrightonSEO marks my third time as a speaker on their marvelous stage. Friday 13th, 2019, I talked about how you can save a lot of time by learning the basics of coding. Here are my slides:

Save Time With Basic Coding Skills – BrightonSEO September 2019 from Sabine Langmann

In the introduction I’m mentioning three prerequisites:

  1. Our work is based on code – so it makes sense to have a certain understanding of it.
  2. We are not developers, nor do we need to master every coding framework. However, it makes sense for us to be able to communicate properly with devs.
  3. We don’t have a lot of time – so pick the coding basics that are relevant for your specific field of work.

After this, I’m going into details on which coding framework can be used for which SEO task. For the BrightonSEO audience I picked CSS, PHP, Python and Xpath. For each of those I’m showing some examples how these frameworks help with the daily SEO work. Furthermore, I’m giving an estimation of how much time it would cost to learn versus the time it can save someone. The numbers are a an aggregation of my own experiences, the experiences of SEOs I asked on Twitter, hour indications of online courses, etc. Of course, this is still quite individual, so one has to try for themselves. In order to do that I’m suggesting some links & resources to help people get into coding a bit easier.

Hopefully you’ve enjoyed the talk, see you at the next BrightonSEO 🙂

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