In 2018/2019 I’m giving a series of talks about how to use Screaming Frog’s custom extraction with Xpath handles. The topic is relevant for multiple reasons:

  • You’ll be able to extract much more data from a website that is specifically relevant to you.
  • Xpath is an easy-to-learn language that you can use in other tools as well.
  • You’ll get your necessary data fast and in a neat list.

While the talk itself starts with one intro for each event, I’ll present you with many different examples to internalize the process of finding the right selectors to extract your data. My goal is to tailor the talk to the audience sitting in front of me, so that it has as much relevance as possible for everyone.

Jump directly to the slide deck you’re interested in:

BrightonSEO April 2019 (Brighton – April 12, 2019)

SEO Campixx 2019 (Berlin – March 22, 2019)

#SEO4Pirates (Berlin – August 23, 2018)

BrightonSEO, April 12, 2019: “Screaming Frog & Xpath: How to Analyse the Pants Off Your Competition”

SEO Campixx, March 22, 2019: “Mitbewerber unter der Lupe: Mit Screaming Frog & Xpath Analysen fahren”

#SEO4Pirates – August 23, 2018: “Screaming Frog + Xpath – Crawl specific page elements on your own or competitor’s websites”